About Us

We are in a unique position to service you and your titles with managerial and line positions as a Publisher, Wholesaler, National Distributor and Direct-Marketing Agency.

  • morthanos.com delivers years of experience to your company in Single Copy Sales, Audience Development, Creative Services and Budget Management.
  • morthanos.com brings a hands-on knowledge of direct marketing, retail development, wholesale management and planning for your publications.
  • As Vice President of the Curtis Circulation Company, John developed direct to retail specialty programs that generated over $340 million a year in retail sales, up from $100 million. At Cowles Enthusiast Media he successfully grew single copy programs for niche titles including Vegetarian Times, Horse & Rider, Military History, Country Journal and Doll Reader to name a few.
  • Morthanos worked on the developmental launch of InSight, an on-screen, interactive television listings program guide for cable and satellite TV.
  • John was part of the creative marketing team that launched the Computer Magazine Revolution at Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, with PC Magazine, A+, and MacUser.
  • Freelance copywriter for Muldoon Direct technical clients including Fed Ex, Kodak and Perkin Elmer.
  • He has been a seminar leader and trainer in cover design for Folio:, Audience Development Magazine and  national organizations including PBAA, MPA, MBR and the CRMA. A guest lecturer at Sacred Heart University in marketing and the future of media, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Ambassador Emeritus and member of the  Board of Directors of the Global Fibrosis Foundation.

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